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What is a live escape room game?

We are a real life Escape Room in Memphis. A new entertainment concept in the US, it's a race against the clock of heart pounding fun! You and your friends or team will enter one of our themed game rooms, where you will have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape. You will need to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and investigate everything to make it out! But can you do it before time is up?

Who Can Play?

I Escaped Memphis is perfect for Game Enthusiasts & Gamers, Families and Friends, Companies, Tourists and Visitors


Gamers & Enthusiasts

We know you’re an avid gamer, but can you handle the challenge of our live escape game room? Put down your controllers, turn off your computer and try our sophisticated, high level games that will challenge the most hardcore gamers. Don't just try to win, set the record!


Family & Friends

Looking for something new to do that's family friendly in the Memphis area? I Escaped! is a new adventure for your family or friends that will challenge your group to work effectively together, or not. Either way, you are certain to have a blast while making lots of memories.


Companies & Team Building

Looking to spice up your company events or team building activities? Come to I Escaped! where we provide a new, fun and exciting way to work together and create bonds among your colleagues. The rooms are designed for group cooperation and offer rewarding challenges and lasting memories. This is the perfect way to get out of the office for a high quality team building exercise.


Tourists & Visitors

We welcome all visitors to the city of good abode. I Escaped! will challenge your logic and wit and at the same time provide you with fun and adventure. Share an hour with us in one of our escape rooms and we'll be sure that the next time you come to Memphis, it won't be just for the BBQ!

Escape Rooms

Rest Easy Motel

Rest Easy Motel

Some strange disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has ever been found. One thing's for sure, those who check in, rarely check out. Can you solve the mystery; find the proof of who is responsible for the disappearances and escape before the manager returns? You will have 60 minutes...

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-6 Players

Golden Egg

Museum Heist

A new museum exhibition is in town showcasing a multi-million dollar Faberge Egg and you're planning to steal it. You and your group are sneaking in after hours. You will have to get the codes, solve the puzzles from the art gallery, and not to mention having to navigate through a laser trap to get to your prize. Your task is to get to the egg and get the code to escape the room in 60 minutes. Be careful, it won't be easy!

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-8 Players

Music Studio

Memphis Music Producer

You are the owner and producer at M&T Studios, Memphis' oldest and most historic recording studio. Unfortunately business has been slow for decades now and you're about to be foreclosed by the bank. Your father, the original owner, claims to have the first Rock & Roll track ever recorded but it's been lost for 50 years. If you can find it, you can sell it and save your studio and earn millions of dollars! You have 60 minutes to find the record, sell it and get to the bank before you lose everything.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-6 Players

Branson Manor

Branson Manor

In the small town of Skagen there is a manor, some believe is cursed,  that has been at the center of mystery for over a century. The reclusive Branson family who built the home died shortly after its construction. Since then, numerous odd deaths have been associated with the manor. A film crew was able to obtain some short footage of the interior for a documentary in 1974. The film crew was killed on their way home in a mysterious car crash. What's more puzzling is that the crash occurred exactly one hour after the crew entered the manor. As well known detectives, you and your team were hired to solve the mystery of the Branson Manor.  You must work quickly because if the curse is real, you only have one hour to live... Good Luck! 

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-6 Players



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